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Downtown Abbey Jewelry Collection

Downtown Abbey Jewelry Collection

Creator Julian Fellowes, long standing friend of the Camarvon family (the real Earl and Countess) always had Highclere castle in mind when he was writing Downton Abbey.  He wanted a regal house which exuded the soaring confidence and optimism of the post-Edwardian period.  He developed the characters through the First World War and the 1920's incorporating many historical events including the sinking of the Titanic.

Downton Abbey is a British drama television series portraying the post-Edwardian era.  This series depicts the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family... their quest to keep their estate thriving, giving great parties and dealing with the “downstairs staff” with loyal and yet often colorful characters.

This popular series has grown to boast ratings of over 14 million viewers and draws its mass of followers into a visual experience unsurpassed by most novels.

Downton Abbey has received critical acclaim from television critics and won numerous accolades including a Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries of Television Film.  Within four short seasons it has become the most watched television series on both ITV and PBS.  Currently,  Downton Abbey is the most widely watched TV drama in the world.

Everyone is wondering...will the doors of Downton Abbey be coming to a  close sometime in the near future?  Sources close to the series say... “not so fast”!  Series creator Julian Fellowes told The Wall Street Journal there will definitely be a fifth season, but he is not sure about a sixth.   Diehard DA fans can be comforted knowing there will most likely be a season six, but Fellowes stated , “five or six years...but not more than ten”.  So lets all settle in for at least several more years of the intertwined lives of the Crawley's and their “downstairs staff”. Enjoy browsing the pages of Celebrity Collections Jewelry's exquisite replicated jewelry worn by the ladies of Downton Abbey!


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