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Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry

Jewelry : Earrings
Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry : Earrings

Jacqueline Kennedy Earrings

What is the origin of earrings?

Earrings are believed to have originated in western Asia around 3000 BC and were either a simple gold hoop or more ornate pendant.   In the early 20th century the clamp screw fitting earring jewelry(clip-on) gained in popularity because there was no need for piercing. In the 1920-30’s the Art Deco style earring jewelry characterized by straight, angular designed or chandelier were all the rage. Earring jewelry of the late 1930’s were revolutionized by the invention of the ‘clip-on’ style. This was the earring jewelry of choice over the next few decades due to more secure snuggly fit than the original screw-on earring jewelry. Beginning in the 1950’s, earring jewelry became more streamlined and movable.  By the 1960’s earring jewelry were worn for fun and were signs of freedom to express ones self all over again.  The earring jewelry were made of different textures and metals and became delineated into one of two groups: day time earring jewelry which were light and airy or night time earring jewelry, which were bejeweled and exuded the look of expensive and elegant.

The Jackie Kennedy collection presents an array of different earring styles from ancient to art deco to classic to casual.  Each earring is pure ‘Jackie style’ and each design is indicative of different times in her life… East Hampton, the sea, the White House years and the whimsical. But even when she wore the most expensive European couture, she managed to accessorize each ensemble to look simple whether casual or formal and always truly American.


Rubies were the birthstone of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. These Ruby and Diamond Earring jewelry were part of a suite, including a ring and necklace, given to her by Aristotle Onassis.

Ruby and Diamond Earrings

Jewelry Description
Pierced, measuring approximately ¾” in length by 5/8” in width
Large oval multi-faceted red Swarovski crystal in double pronged setting
Surrounded by pronged clear cz crystals
Plated in 24k gold

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Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry : Ruby and Diamond Earrings





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Jacqueline Kennedy


Jewelry : Earrings

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