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Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry

Jewelry : Pins
Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry : Pins

Jacqueline Kennedy Pins

Brooches are perhaps the oldest form of jewelry in the world.  There are several distinct types of brooches, not only in design, but also in the fastening mechanism.  The earliest form of these was the “safety pin” type which had a pin, hinge spring and bow all in one place.  The most important influence on the development of the brooch came from the Byzantines.  Their oriental taste for color produced many brightly colored enameled brooches.  The brooch evolved worldwide throughout the ages and by the nineteenth century took on many different looks. Early in the century, brooches began to look like the lace that many of them held, with mixed wire-work and colorful fancy stones.  Later in the century the vogue was a brooch made with pave turquoise and tiny seed pearls threaded on horsehair.  Throughout the next century, brooches, as with all jewelry, closely followed the latest trends in fashion.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s keen eye for the unusual and individual style showed forth in every aspect of her life. Her collection of brooch jewelry ranged from classic to vintage to art deco and whimsical in design.  Jackie enjoyed wearing her brooch jewelry/pins on her favorite suit jackets, dresses, attached to a strand of pearls and even in her hair! 
Are you looking for other creative ways to wear that cherished brooch jewelry you inherited from your grandmother or on the pages that follow, one of the many unusual brooch jewelry pieces from Jackie’s personal collection?  Read on… and create your own unique look and give this vintage fashion choice a new lease on life.

  1. Do you have a drawer full of beautiful silk scarves that are just too good to discard?  Simply wrap a large square or oblong style around your waist or at the hip and attach with your brooch jewelry.  For that chic European designer flare… loosely drape the scarf around your neck and attach the brooch jewelry on the side.
  2. Is that large bulky sweater from a few seasons ago still in your closet? Grab the extra sweater material at the waist and middle of the back and gather with your fingers to the side or offset-front of the sweater and attach the brooch jewelry to hold the excess fabric. You have just created a better fitting garment as well as resurrected that out-of-date sweater into a new fashion forward addition to your wardrobe.
  3. Pin brooch jewelry to your evening bag.  This method works best on a small clutch or other small evening bag that is covered in fabric versus beaded. Accessorize with brooch jewelry that accentuates the detail of the outfit for a coordinated look.
  4. On a plain belt or hat… pin the brooch jewelry on give the outfit a bit of glitz.  If the belt is leather… pin the brooch jewelry to a ribbon then attach to the belt which will avoid damage to the leather.  For a different twist… tie a scarf around the hat, then secure with brooch jewelry.  Great look with your favorite sundress!
  5. Update that strand of pearls by attaching a large brooch that hangs at the bottom or on the side of the strand (Jackie’s Sunburst Pin is a spectacular choice).
  6. For a glamorous night out, twist your hair into a French twist or bun and securely attach brooch jewelry with bobby pins to the side of the style.  Jackie was photographed wearing the Sunburst Pin jewelry to the top of a highly teased bouffant style… and she looked smashing!


Jackie Kennedy enjoyed scouring through the wares of her favorite antique shops.  She spotted this stunning Sunburst Pin in an antique shop in London in 1961 and could not stop thinking about its unusual beauty.  This pin was extremely expensive so she asked the shop owner to hold the pin for her until she decided how she would pay for it.  After unsuccessfully appealing to JFK to purchase the pin for her, she decided to sell the diamond wedding set her in-laws had given to her as a gift.  Of course, Jackie never wanted her in-laws to know the wedding gift jewelry had been sold, so she commissioned a jeweler to make exact replicas of each piece.  The Sunburst Pin became one of Jackie Kennedy's cherished pieces of jewelry.  She was seen wearing it on blazers, jackets and even in her hair!

Sunburst Pin

Jewelry Description
211 Swarovski crystals
Platinum plating

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Jewelry : Pins

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