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Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry

Matching Jewelry Sets
Jacqueline Kennedy Matching Jewelry Sets

Jacqueline Kennedy Matching Jewelry Sets

Jackie Kennedy was one of the world’s wealthiest and most renowned women.  Her jewelry collection was extensive and included priceless pieces that were gifts to her in her younger through post college years, from heads of state during her White House years as well as the Onassis years.  Jackie’s repertoire of jewelry suites (matching sets of jewelry) seemed endless… can you imagine owning so much priceless jewelry?  However, she rarely wore the matching jewelry sets together. She chose to wear only piece at a time and with other jewelry selections in her collection to compliment.

 Let your creative juices flow and create an exclusive look all your own!

JFK knew how invaluable Jackie had been during his campaign for President.  As he escorted her to the inaugural balls, he was well aware that he may not have won without her.  Jackie was photographed at the Inaugural Gala in 1961 wearing the First Lady Suite jewelry JFK gave her as a gift.

Matching First Lady Jewelry Sets

Jewelry Description
First Lady Necklace Jewelry
8 emerald-colored Swarovski crystals
28 clear Swarovski crystals
18 inch length with fold over clasp
24k gold plating
Rhodium plating around emerald-colored Swarovski crystals

First Lady Bracelet Jewelry
9 emerald-colored Swarovski crystals
32 clear Swarovski crystals
Box and tongue clasp
Available in 7 or 8 inch lengths.
24k gold plating
Rhodium plating around emerald-colored Swarovski crystals

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Jacqueline Kennedy Matching First Lady Jewelry Sets



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Jacqueline Kennedy


Matching Jewelry Sets

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