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Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry

Jewelry Collection
Jacqueline Kennedy Necklaces

Jacqueline Kennedy Necklaces

A necklace by definition is a chain, band, or cord, often bearing beads, pearls, and jewels, worn around the neck as an ornament, especially by women. Jackie's necklace jewelry was also an eclectic mix, encompassing almost every imaginable style. from Classical Revival to Renaissance, African to Thai and Art Nouveau to the late twentieth century. Her gems and jewels were designed and created by the world's finest jewelers as well as her extensive collection of costume jewelry. Though she owned many suites of matching jewelry, she usually only wore one piece at a time, making an even more dramatic statement. accentuating her confidence and own personal style.


This pearl necklace jewelry was certainly one of Jackie Kennedy's favorite pieces of jewelry. The delicate faux pearls are glass pearls which are identical in size and weight and hand-painted in the Czech Republic. You may recall the famous photo of John (aka: John John) tilting his head back and happily playing with one of the strands of her Triple Strand Pearl Necklace jewelry. Have you heard the term Channeling? Coco Chanel developed a design which allowed for spacing in between each strand of pearls. The pearls would then lay comfortably on the neck without ending up with a lump of pearls. The triple strand necklace jewelry became a classic and fashionable statement in Jackie's collection. With her keen eye for design she would take the longest strand of pearls , loop it over the two shorter strands and pull it down. This created a twist-look on the sides and offered yet another unique Jackie look. Most likely after her diagnosis with cancer (she died on May 20, 1994 at the age of 64), Jackie decided she wanted an auction for the express purpose of keeping her "big houses". The auction was held at Sotherby's in 1996, included 1,195 lots and yielded a staggering $34.46 million total. The faux pearl Triple Strand Pearl Necklace jewelry was estimated at auction to bring approximately $500-700. Can you imagine everyone's amazement when this beautiful faux pearl necklace sold for a whopping $211,500?

Triple-Strand Simulated Pearl Necklace

Jewelry Description

Hand-painted glass pearls
14 Swarovski crystals
Box and tongue clasp
18 inch inner strand
Rhodium plating

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Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry : Triple-Strand Simulated Pearl Necklace

Seen riding in a limousine with JFK in Palm Beach FL after meeting with news correspondents, Jackie is spotted wearing the Alternating Double Strand Pearl Necklace jewelry.  She and JFK were riding back to the Kennedy Palm Beach estate. This simplistic Alternating Double Strand Pearl Necklace jewelry piece is modernized by the addition of 24k gold plated beads placed in between each faux glass pearl.

Alternating Double-Strand Pearl Necklace

Jewelry Description
Glass faux pearls
18inches long
Box and tongue clasp
24k gold plating

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Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry

Though Jackie owned and wore some of the finest jewelry in the world, she was also a great fan of costume jewelry. In fact, many of the classic photographs of her show her wearing what were then relatively inexpensive costume jewelry pieces. A great majority of it was designer costume jewelry, with jewelry pieces made by such renowned designers as Christian LaCroix, Yves St. Marie and Chanel , just to name a few. This Dual Chain & Station Necklace jewelry was given to Jackie on her birthday, July 28th, and is based on a famous Chanel design.  Jackie often referred to this jewelry piece as her ‘paper clip necklace jewelry’.

Dual Chain and Station Necklace

Jewelry Description
20 Swarovski crystals
27 inch and 34 inch long
Lobster clasp
Strands are detachable
24k gold plating

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Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry : Dual Chain and Station Necklace

Jackie had no qualms about wearing costume jewelry for even the most important occasions.  She was definitely ahead of her time with the Anchor Link Necklace jewelry. This beautiful  39 inch length jewelry piece with black enameled links popped throughout the 24k gold plated links makes an eye-catching presence for casual or business attire. 

Anchor Link Necklace

Jewelry Description
Links accented with black enamel
39 inches long
Fancy Lobster clasp
24k gold plating

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Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry : Anchor Link Necklace



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